Our Partners

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce | Istanbul - Turkey
We have a strong relationship with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which makes it possible for us to complete all transactions related to the owners of companies, in addition to obtaining special facilities to open and establish new companies.

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

3rd Islamic bank in Turkey | Turkey
We work through the Kuwaiti Turkish Bank to open the accounts of companies and conduct all financial transactions through our good relations with the managers and heads of branches in the bank and provide us with all the facilities that make it easy to open the bank account for companies

Beyttürk İnşaat

Beyttürk İnşaat | Turkey - Istanbul
Through our partnership with Baytech, we provide the best real estate consultancy and services to foreigners who wish to own or invest in real estate in Turkey and offer them many options both in terms of ownership or investment

Turkish Aviation Academy

Turkish Aviation Corporation | Turkey
Through our partnership with the airline, we offer students who wish to complete their studies in aeronautics the best aeronautical training courses
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Ahmad Mustafa
Company Owner
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