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We have 40 years of experience in this service which allows the owner to own your own mark and marketing exclusively and give agencies to other countries allowing him to invest this brand exclusively and without any competitor and depends on the request of the client and the areas of currency we do in a professional way to submit papers Required by the competent authorities in this field through which we follow up the work and give the full support through our team to finish all the required specials in the shortest time and to extract a recognized certificate for the registered brand and the customer can register the mark without opening any company

The Turkish market is an open market and is interested in prices, quality and everything that is new and you have the right to sell inside Turkey and abroad so that you can market in Turkey you must obtain a trademark in your name registered in the competent departments in the Turkish Republic. The trademark is that it allows its owner to market exclusively and give agencies To traders in other countries allowing him to invest the mark exclusively and without any competition from third parties who have no right to use the trademark registered in the name of the concessionaire for his trademark.

Important information about trademark registration in Turkey

  • Select the domain type you want to register your brand above, if the tag for multiple products should be registered with your company name, or if it’s a specific product that you registered with your name.
  • You do not need to create a company to register your brand
  • Branding costs vary by label, class, or business, and generally start at $ 1,500 and do not exceed $ 2,500
  • Any kind of taxes and fees will only result in the renewal fees of the trademark itself.
  • If you have a company in your name and want to add a brand, you should only bring your office rent in Turkey in addition to your company’s annual tax expenses of approximately $ 1500 depending on the activity of each company.
  • You can take advantage of existing intermediary companies to help you legalize them away from extra expenses and away from logging into complex registration labyrinths that need experienced attorneys to register your trademark and label.
  • Design and implement the brand’s special shape with professional designers that fit the type of activity.
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