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Trade in Turkey

In recent years there has been a great development on the level of the Turkish economy has achieved a lot of development and stability, which prompted many foreign investors, especially Arabs, the experience of trade in Turkey and thus invest in the Turkish market because it is one of the best markets flourishing. According to the new Turkish law, investors can take ownership in Turkey. Steps to establish a foreign company in Turkey require a lot of paperwork and requirements to start such as: application for establishment of the company, power of attorney, declaration of incorporation declaration, etc. Through the establishment of a company in Turkey, Only a few days.

Investment in Turkey

According to the economic reports, the Turkish economy is growing at a fast pace. The growth in Turkey’s business world is well deserved and the business is ready to start. The Turkish government also provides foreign investors with great openness to the Arab and European markets as well as the quality and prices of Turkish products. And its superiority over the products of neighboring countries and competition, all these reasons open the way for investors to start investing in Turkey.

Establishment of a company in Turkey

Recently, the Turkish government, in cooperation with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, has provided many facilities that help investors to establish their company and start working easily. Consequently, any investor can establish his own company without complications and long time. You will receive your commercial record within 3 days

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