About us

ICS GLOBAL is one of the oldest financial centers in Istanbul in the region of Bioglu from about 41 years, the company provides financial services and consulting for more than 950 companies in Turkey

The company offers all the commercial services in Turkey, finance and all educational services in Turkey as well as health services and your commitment to the company to provide you with the best services to meet your needs in the shortest possible time, In order to enhance customer confidence, the company’s role is not only to provide high confidence to its customers but also to anyone who is inquiring about the company’s services. It is our duty to distribute our work in a coordinated manner in order to better serve customer services. Professional is one of the principles of our company, our vision is to create based on trust and respect between labor and customer relations team, and is no doubt that this relationship is beneficial to all, we will continue to make every effort to support all Matanajh in order to win your trust


Always excellence and creativity at work brings amazing results in the end, what distinguishes our company?

41 years of Experience

A team specializing in legal services in Turkey with more than 41 years experience in providing services to investors and those wishing to reside in Turkey


Our team includes an elite of professionals not only in their services, but also in the concept of advanced management and to stop developing ourselves

Customer priority

We always strive to win the confidence of our customers through the speed in providing services and also help in any case regardless of the financial equivalent because the comfort of the customer is the most important

Our Team

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