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Turkey is a country where the culture of the West and East is mixed together. It includes tens of thousands of Arab students enrolled in institutions of higher education. There are many advantages that attracted these students to study in Turkey,

Such as: cultural diversity, rich history, scholarships, efficient university education, and lower costs of living compared to other countries.

We would like to know more about the cost of living and studying in Turkey to compare prices either with our potential or with the cost of studying in other countries, we will speak more details so that an average foreign student in Turkey will spend an estimated 400 to 500 USD per month Accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transportation and communication costs, while the value of books and administrative fees is approximately $ 100 to $ 150 per semester.

Remember that although this figure depends on your place of residence, your lifestyle and the courses you attend. You should read the full article to learn more about the cost of living in Turkey in addition to the cost of studying in Turkey.

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Health services are available under two options
General Insurance: SGK provides free health services for all family members in all government hospitals.

Private insurance: The cost of 700 pounds per year covers all basic matters.

Provides discounts between 4080%.

Births are free in public hospitals, in private hospitals ranging from (10007000) TL.

The average medical examination is 50 150 lira. In recent years, private clinics for Syrian doctors have become less expensive.

Turkey provides free services to refugees free of charge.

Pharmacies are spread throughout the neighborhoods, and operate according to the system of the alternating pharmacy, closed on the weekend to keep one pharmacy

It covers the needs of patients to take medicine without a prescription.

Prices of cheap drugs analgesic pain of 2 pounds, ends daily at 7 pm.

Education and study are free services, there are groups of private schools at high prices, the state provided facilities to the Arabs

Syrians to follow up the study free of charge and in varying installments.

Spices of all kinds specialize in the old popular markets starting from 50 pints fresh and delicious flavor.

The fish market provided various types of fishing, was transferred to the outskirts of Istanbul prices start from 4.5 pounds.

Pastries in Turkey have the largest share, the ovens are widely spread, often bearing the names of cities or famous places, offering the same kind of bread as French bread, various flavors of tahini, olive oil, brown and white flour, corn flour, prices start at 90 piasters 3 lira.

The state supports kiosks through the Public Ovens Company.

Clothing of all kinds, sports, daily, vary in quality, as well as prices to satisfy all segments of society, you can buy a full set of children of 30 pounds, and a full set of 150 pounds for low-income people, in return for the rise of international brands to reach the women’s 700 pounds.

While the price of a high-quality shoe is 100 pounds, much like the acquisition of the famous brand, for its longevity and quality.

The Turkish market covers the needs of all, for clothes in Turkey from the countries that lead the production and manufacture of clothing.

The opening of commercial centers has expanded the range of shops offering offers and seasonal discounts of up to 70%. Of various brands. These centers include a range of international restaurants, fast food and a variety of Turkish and international dishes, the average meal per person is 20 TL.

These centers have provided paid parking services after making sure you are coming to shop.

Fabrics of various brands, brands, wholesale and teams, wholesale markets provided by wholesale markets in Ankara, Istanbul and various Turkish cities at varying prices.
Public services: The cost of electricity and water increases to reach 100 lira per month and can be higher than that.

The cost of water exceeds 60 liters.

Heating that uses natural gas through lines and meters cost 300 pounds and higher in winter Turkey is a country vulnerable to snow and storms, and fuel is very necessary.

The average cost of the Internet 100 pounds per month.

Recreation and entertainment are available for all from public parks and children’s games. The municipality offers barbecue and ceremonial breaks for a nominal fee. Amusement parks, resorts and ice-cream parlors are spread throughout Turkey, ranging from 15 lira to 150 lira.

Sea walks as a kind of entertainment, in various maritime destinations, varying prices, beautiful places and stunning nature.

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Living in Ankara and Istanbul
The prices and the cost of living in these two big cities vary. A good living requirement of about $ 700 per month is not as great as life in the United States, 40% less, and 70% less.

For food, the prices are considered to be fairly cheap, rising in restaurants, to be an average of (2535) pounds meat prices average price per kilogram (2560) lira.

Turkish food is packaged and packaged in high quality.

Arabic products are available in the Turkish markets such as Arabic bread, rice and spices in the groceries, received Arab acceptance well.

The catering markets in all parts of Turkey cover various food items, cheaply priced to meet different needs (A101; BIM; Şok, OLİ) for retail sale.

(Bizim; Metro) for wholesale.

Including following a global chain, readily available in Carrefour

The weekly bazaars are opened to show the various products and food commodities on a weekly basis. Each day-specific neighborhood, cheeses, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheap clothes and some handicrafts sold by women, prices vary from shops abroad.

Online shopping is available, online booking, offers and discounts are always available.

Finally average mobile costs $ 10, landline phone bills $ 9.

Everyone is trying to inquire about the cost of living in Turkey, and is it possible to live in decent conditions ?!

In the following article, we will answer the most important questions you may have about the cost of living and living in Turkey.

Accommodation and rent
In terms of housing and rent prices vary from one city to another, Istanbul is considered the most expensive living in Turkey, the total remains

The monthly salary earned by foreigners is the standard of living. The lower the labor wage, the cheaper the living!

Mobility and transportation
There are thousands of transportation available for residents of Tramway Dolmach Bus Terminal Trails Trains.

Metro ticket price 1.75 TL children up to the age of eight free ticket valid for life.

Transportation charges can be paid in one of two ways:
Purchase of a KGS 20 20 30 Lira card can be purchased from the Agricultural Bank or from any kiosk before crossing the gate.

There are vehicles in front of the gate 500 meters to sell these cards or in the stalls on the right of the roads before entering.

There is another system of payment OGS system A small automatic transmitter installed in the car You can cross at your own speed without stopping it has dedicated gates of the same name.

Istanbul kart An electronic wallet similar to that used in European countries when boarding a bus or a dolmesh is placed on a device near the driver deducting the fare. They are sold at kiosks near bus stations.

The Akbil key can be used as a rust-resistant, multi-bearing plastic holder inside, can be filled and recharged once, fit for various modes of transport.

Making the cost of living and studying in Turkey an ideal choice to take into consideration.

Cost of living in Turkey
In talking about living in Turkey, we must think about all the living aspects that we need to live in Turkey or other countries, such as health status, transportation, services, housing, rent and education in Turkey, work and the average monthly salaries of those coming to Turkey. Each one separately.

As for the health situation, Turkey offers three types of medicine and health care, including public hospitals, private hospitals, and university hospitals, providing services for refugees with free medical care, and transportation in Turkey, a country that contains more than 50 airports and thousands of different means of transportation between the tramway, Dagmoush, or large buses, and with regard to the prices of these transport, it is considered to the arrivals are somewhat high, as fuel is considered expensive in Turkey.

The price of renting an apartment in Istanbul is the most expensive among all the Turkish cities, but of course it depends on the monthly salary the resident gets in any city of his choice, it is also different from one city to another, The cheaper the workers’ wages, the cheaper the houses and apartments were, and vice versa.

Cost of Living in Ankara and Istanbul
Ankara is the capital of Turkey but this should not scare you because it is where you can find a variety of things with a variety of prices.

Where the monthly transport ticket costs $ 51.68, while the tariff is $ 0.99 per one kilometer. The one minute mobile phone is $ 0.21

The cheapest cities in Turkey for living
The cheapest Turkish cities to live in are: Orpha, Kayseri, Mersin, Konya, Iskenderun, and Hatay, which enjoy a charming nature and a cheap standard of living, but far from the capital.

The city of Istanbul is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world as a standard of living. The family of four needs $ 1800 per month to live an average life, and the student needs $ 600 per month.

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