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Yes, you can also change the quotas for the founders or owners of the company in addition to the existence of wages for this process.

Yes, you can transfer the address of the company to the place you want within Turkish territory in addition to the existence of wages for this process, yes this is 100% legal

Yes, you can change the activities of your company and this activity requires the consent of partners in addition to the existence of wages for this process.

Yes you can change the name of the company, this requires the consent of partners in addition to the existence of wages for this process.

You can not deposit capital in a currency other than the Turkish currency.

Once the transaction is established, the company can withdraw the capital.

Yeah . After getting a job, you can include your wife and children in your stay.

The amount is a quarter of the value of the capital. If the capital is assumed to be 100,000, you must have 25.000 Turkish liras in addition to the establishment fees of the company.

The establishment of work shall be granted to the owner of the nationality after five years, but on condition that he stays within Turkish territory throughout the period and is allowed to leave 180 days during the five years

You should not just establish a company through a passport

The company manager must obtain a work permit but will not be required during the procedures, which he can extract after the company is established
Note: The company’s capital must be at least 100 thousand Turkish liras, in addition to which a full deposit must be made in case of obtaining a work permit. This law excludes the Syrian brethren where they can extract a work permit on the company’s name without the capital being 100 thousand Turkish liras and without Deposit of the entire capital.
Note: In Turkey to extract work permit for the foreigner must appoint 5 Turkish employees in the same company, this law excludes Syrian brothers

Yes and this after having obtained permission to work and work in Turkey for five years

Monthly Tax 30 TL There is also a “tax” tax calculated according to the number of workers registered on your company and according to the value of the rent of the property you are working in addition to the salary of the accountant
Note: The tax is paid every three months.

During the establishment of the company, the owner of the company can choose the type of activity he wants, the payment of the first five events will be paid within the wages of establishing the company. In the event of an increase in the number of activities,

Monthly fees for the legal accountant Based on the activity of your company you can contact us and inquire about the monthly salary of the accountant, you can appoint a legal accountant by you

Yes, you can open a branch for your company in Turkey but it is considered as a whole new company under the laws of the Turkish government.

The virtual office provides you with the opportunity to find a job suitable for your business. You can use this address as the primary address for your company. The services we provide through the Virtual Office are: a landline phone number with a secretary on the phone,

Yes, you can establish a company and you are outside Turkey, but in that case a manager of the company should be available within Turkish territory. If your company is limited liability, there should be a share in the company for this manager. For example,

The Ministry of Labor in Turkey does not ask you to have a tourist visa in Turkey to get a job permit so you can apply directly

The answer will be yes if the company is limited liability. Limited liability companies can not appoint a founding manager from outside the partners. If your company is a shareholder, it is not necessary for this manager to have a stake in the company because the state allows it.

Yes, you can get a job if you establish your company from outside Turkey by submitting a copy of your company’s papers to the Turkish embassy in your country and request a visa and when you request to work visa they will call you the so-called reference code that you send us and we will finish all the procedures for you

The duration varies depending on nationality and the country from which you apply, but ranges from 25 days to 40 days

All you have to do is choose the manager who will have a stake in the company and will work as an agency from the Turkish embassy in the country where he resides and we will finish all the company’s procedures to you and you can request the agency form by contacting our commercial services department

Yes, this is only where you will send your passport photo, required activities, company name, manager name and number of partners, and we will process everything for you

Yes you can add or change the manager you are entitled to with the consent of the partners.

Through the relations of our team in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce we can finish the procedures of the company within two days only, but on condition that the owner of the company with us the dates.

If you have any other questions that are not on this list you can send your information and the team will contact you and answer all your queries

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