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Welcome dear investor

Welcome to Turkey. This page will take comprehensive information about investing and establishing a company in Turkey. This information will only take you 10 minutes.

The information on this page is constantly updated and sourced from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

We will start with you dear some information about the Turkish economy and we will quickly mention some of the reasons why Turkey is a suitable place to invest

  • Its openness to the Arab and European markets
  • Product quality, pricing, and superiority over neighboring products
  • Turkey’s large economic growth at a rapid pace
  • Facilities offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors

We will not linger on you. You can read a detailed article on the reasons why Turkey is the No. 1 option for investors to start successful businesses or to enlarge the established business in a second country and complete or open a branch in Turkey: 8 reasons to start investing in Turkey

I have decided to start a project or establish a company in Turkey. What is the next step?

Good did you specify the domain you would be working on? If your answer is no, I advise you to follow the article on the following link: The most prominent investment projects in Turkey currently, It will only take you 5 minutes, but it will be useful for you to identify a specific activity you are working on.
Now I have reached the important point and are the actual steps to start “Company Formation in Turkey ” With simple explanation and simple procedures you will be able within a few days to start Your business in Turkey, Follow us

What type and size of company is appropriate for my business in Turkey?

Turkey has 4 business classifications in Turkey by business size and each has certain privileges

  • Unlimited Liability Company
  • Limited liability company
  • Limited Liability Company LTD.
  • Joint Stock Company

These four categories are described in detail and can be viewed in this article at the following link: Types of companies in Turkey

What are the required papers for Company Information in turkey

  • A copy of your passport is later authenticated by the notary. The passport must be valid for at least six months in addition to the entry stamp to Turkey.
  • Vergi Numarası Tax Number Sheet You can extract your tax code by visiting your nearest tax center.
  • Personal image number “3”.

Only these papers are required to start “Company Information in Turkey” ?! Yes due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors in Turkey.

Now Execution Step !

After processing the required papers all you have to start writing a contract Establishment of the company
And follow the rest of the proceedings and here comes our role we are the company ICS Global
But who is ICS Global ??

ICS GLOBAL is one of the oldest companies in the financial center of Istanbul Bjoglu 40 years ago. Our company provides consultancy and financial services for more than 300 Companies in Turkey and It has a team of the best Chartered Accountants in Turkey, I will not prolong you. You can take a look at our company and its services through the following link: About us
Good I’ve seen our services, what’s next? All you have to do now is contact us or fill in the form below the page and we will communicate with you directly
But what services will we provide you? here all details …

“Company Information in Turkey” Service Provided by ICS GLOBAL include the following:

  • Temporary address or so-called “Virtual Office ” This address is considered legal by government agencies and helps you to establishment Your company without an actual workplace is also used if you want to shorten the time and start establishing a company and looking for a place to work later.
  • We will give you free procedures to start extracting “residence permit turkey” The procedures are free and you will only pay insurance and security fees.
  • Coordinate and process the company’s accounting book.
  • Write a contract Establishment of the company And to finalize all papers legally so that they are operational.
  • Financial and service consulting for one year free of charge in all the necessary commercial procedures.
  • Transliteration of each detail Establishment of the company Where we have accredited translators will accompany you every step.
  • Accountant He performs his duties to protect the investor or the owner of the company from legal violations and taxes. This accountant is accredited by the Turkish state. He works to manage your accounts and follow up the tax office. In Turkey, the government imposes a certified accountant for each company.

Excellent !, Now I am acquainted with the service establishment company in Turkey provided by our company

You have a comprehensive overview of the establishment of companies in Turkey. What then? What are the costs?

After processing the required papers and requesting the service from our company, we will write the company’s memorandum of association. Then one of our employees will go with you to the notary public and translate and authenticate your papers after you will take a paper under which you will open a bank account in the name of your company and you must deposit a quarter of the company’s capital in this account
Well, are there other costs to establish a company in Turkey? There are only ICS Global service fees that include the services mentioned above

Frequently Asked Questions about establishing a company in Turkey

Most of the questions you may have about establishing a company in Turkey have been grouped into one page you can now browse

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