Establishment of a kindergarten or primary school in Turkey

The project of kindergarten or primary school in Turkey is one of the most sought after and successful projects which is very required in Turkey. This is due to the special interest of the children by the Turkish government and the way they were educated and thinking since childhood. The Turkish government showed great interest in this subject and gave it special importance and great facilities. Not only for Turkish people but also for foreigners
As this project is considered useful and profitable at the same time is a supervisor raising the level of culture, so the state gave him special importance and facilities and at the same time Kho project is very serious and responsible
Children’s health, safety and education are the most important thing in society and this responsibility lies with schools or kindergartens

Information on types of primary schools and kindergartens

  • There are schools that serve the whole day from morning to evening and all start from 8am to 6pm
  • There are schools that provide services in the form of two hours, from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm
  • Some schools take their students from homes and return them by providing private cars for students and some schools do not provide this service where each family takes her child herself and bring him back from school

School and kindergarten work system

The students come to school or kindergarten at 8 am, where they start their day with breakfast. After the meal is finished, the children are taken to the games room where there are specialized staff in this section. They spend their time until noon and then go to lunch and afternoons. Or the development of thought or hobbies and arts) and in the evening are returning students to their homes either through the carriages of the school or by the people as mentioned earlier

Some conditions for the project

  • You must find a suitable place to open the school or kindergarten and we prefer the most densely populated places or general trade areas close to the city center or areas near the city center in general
  • The area of the kindergarten or school should be less than 200 square meters as stated in Turkish law
  • Entry and exit must be easy for students
  • A game park must be provided
  • Every 15 students must have one toilet
  • The area of one hall should be 40 square meters and the maximum number of students is 18
  • There must be a private room for the manager, a teacher’s room, a student dining room, and classrooms
  • A safety system for fires and natural disasters must be provided

License and the most important conditions

  • The reservation must be available for the place or lease if the place is rented
  • Photos of the building from inside and outside to be checked by the competent authorities
  • Report from the firefighter regarding the safety system
  • Report from the outpost regarding the security of the area
  • Report from the Directorate of Housing and Construction

Some papers that must be provided by the person in charge

  • Commercial Registration Document
  • Residence document
  • Legal Record Document
  • A person responsible for these matters must be provided and has at least two years experience

The benefits of this project in Turkey

Any school that can accommodate 40 to 50 students takes a fee of 1500 lira per month for each student if he is full-time. If the work is for a period of time, the salary is 600 TL per student
Rent an area to open a school is up to 8000 pounds per month

The school must have at least 5 to 6 employees with a salary of approximately 2000 liras and the salary of the manager or official is 3000 lira.

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